PO4 8RA - Sunday 17 Mar 2024 @ 10:00-14:45
PCaSO Hampshire & Barry Kilby Prostate Cancer Appeal

Victory Lounge
Portsmouth FC
Fratton Park
Anson Road

BKPCA Barry Kilby Prostate Cancer Appeal https://www.the-bkpca.com

EACH TEST COSTS THE CHARITY £15 - £20, DONATIONS ACCEPTED ON THE DAY. OR Donate here now via the PCaSO website This four and a half minute video was made by PCaSO including footage from a PSA testing event held by PCaSO at Hove in 2019. In this video Consultant Urologist Christopher Eden discusses Prostate Cancer and the PSA test. PCaSO will give you a leaflet at the test event giving information about the test and there will also be a PCaSO volunteer to answer questions before having the test. Please take a moment to watch the video prior to progressing with making your booking.
**When booking please ensure you give your full firstname, NOT a shortened name such as Rob** **To complete booking click the green COMPLETE BOOKING button at the bottom of final screen**

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